About Us

Those who still enjoy holding a physical book in hand, feeling the soft paper, marking a passage with pen or pencil or highlighter, dog-earring a favorite page—such readers discover, in university libraries, at used bookstores, or by lucky links online, a lot of hidden gems: books that were first published 50, 75, 100 years ago or more, which have long since fallen out of print and yet deserve to be back in print for new readers. This is all the more true today, when conservative and traditional Catholics are searching for substantial, reliable, and profound writing after decades of featherweight pablum and heavyweight heresy.

Plus, there are new challenges in our day, new issues to grapple with—and Divine Providence has raised up formidable Catholic thinkers to confront them. There are many great traditional publishers already but there is always room for one more, with specialties of its own.

For these reasons, we launched OS JUSTI PRESS, dedicated on the one hand to republishing old classics that are either totally out of print or exist only in crummy editions, and on the other hand to publishing new works that explain and defend Catholic Tradition. 

Our new works include the popular Missal for Young Catholics, the anthology John Henry Newman on Worship, Reverence, and Ritual, multiple foreign-language translations of Dr. Kwasniewski’s tract True Obedience, and a new series called “Os Justi Studies in Catholic Tradition.”