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A Missal for Young Catholics

A Missal for Young Catholics

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This booklet is a Missal for the traditional Latin Mass (also known as the Extraordinary Form or the Tridentine Mass), intended for young Catholics who are ready for something more substantial than the tiny child missals ("See Father go to the altar: he is praying for us") but not yet quite ready for a 2,000-page adult daily missal like the Baronius or Angelus Press.The book contains, in easy-to-read print, the full Ordinary of the Mass (the prayers that generally do not change from day to day) as well as clear indications of when the proper prayers and readings take place, so that young people can consult a parent or sibling next to them for the proper. Full color reproductions of over 40 beautiful works of art help a wandering mind focus on and ponder the mysteries of the Faith. The “Mass of the Ages” is a sign of order, beauty, sacredness, and holiness to children in the midst of our rather confused world. This booklet will help children to begin their quest of understanding the mysteries that the Church offers to them in her sacred rites.

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