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Gihr "Storm of Persecution" 11oz Ceramic Mug

Gihr "Storm of Persecution" 11oz Ceramic Mug

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Decades before the persecution of Catholics attached to the Latin Mass began, Nicholas Gihr (1839-1924) wrote of previous persecutions: "When the storm of persecution raged throughout the whole world, the stream of grace and benediction poured from the Holy Mass celebrated in the catacombs, or underground caverns; just as at a much later period this Holy Sacrifice, persecuted by Protestantism, took refuge in the garrets. But even in this dire extremity the attractive power of the Mass was not weakened. Catholics went down into underground dens, into the catacombs, and climbed up under the rafters of houses, to pray for those whose hatred had driven to the most wretched nooks what was most holy to them and who were vaunting themselves in edifices reared by Catholic piety." This sentiment is paired with a painting of an Irish Penal Mass—"Mass in a Connemara Cabin" by Aloysius O'Kelly.

- Ceramic 11oz mug

- Dishwasher and microwave safe

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