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Os Justi Press

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Hymnal

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Hymnal

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At this time, we are receiving pre-orders for this hymnal. If you are interested, please contact Os Justi ( to receive a PDF sample and further details.

Os Justi is the publisher of this Hymnal. Find out more at the hymnal's dedicated site:

In a real sense of the word I can say that the hymnal was not made to appeal to the business side of the church, but for music directors who have a love of music history and don't just reject everything in the modern world as unusable. So, it was made for dedicated music directors and singers and has a VERY strong organ component with the arrangements. It represent the best of all of Europe and American compositions and is thoroughly Catholic with mixtures of chant and modern staff with classic old arrangements for all the hymns that have become popular melodies throughout the last 400 years and earlier. It was an attempt to present the most beautiful and uplifting music for the mass and not be a Hymnal/Missal mix. All the harmonies are as close to the originals as possible. It contains a full Kyriale, including the Henri du Mont renaissance era chants that are so beautiful and rarely ever sung enough, it has full and complete representations of the Nuptial Mass and the Requiem mass of 1962 (life and death as it were) and then starts with the liturgical calendar of Advent with over 20 pieces for Advent, nearly 60 Christmas pieces, music for nearly every feast of the year and a smattering of saints as well. There are well over 800 pages of music with more than 600 individual pieces and it represents a full and complete Catholic hymnal without all the gimmicks of the modern hymnal format.

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