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Sacramental Theology

Sacramental Theology

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“With the fullness of time (one of the early scholastics wrote), there came a time of fullness—a fullness of grace in Christ, a fullness to be communicated to the members of His Body. God’s ineffable wisdom has selected as channels of that grace seven dramatic, concrete, effective symbols: the sacraments. Of all the tracts of theology, there is none so attractive to the student: the very consonance of the sacramental entity with human nature, the historical controversies they have inevitably encountered, and the evidence of divine wisdom in their selection all inspire the student to seek a deeper appreciation of their role in Christian life. Fr. McAuliffe’s volume does not present sacramental theology in pre-digested doses for the college student; it is purposely ‘a test of the student’s memory, ingenuity, ability to make distinctions, to think clearly and profoundly and reflectively.’ It is a judicious and altogether happy blend of positive and speculative doctrine.” —The Friar’s Bookshelf, Dominicana, vol. 44, no. 2 (1959)

“The answers to objections against the Real Presence and transubstantiation are better than any I remember to have seen…. Judgment must rest with the deans and teachers in colleges, and it is to their earnest consideration that I sincerely commend McAuliffe’s text.”—Rev. Bernard Leeming, SJ, Theological Studies, vol. 20, no. 1 (1959)

Fr. Clarence McAuliffe was a Jesuit who taught at St. Mary’s College in St. Marys, Kansas, prior to its acquisition by the Society of St. Pius X. While the present textbook brims with classic theological and apologetic arguments, it also contains some controversial theological opinions; it is being reprinted for the purpose of historical research and comparative study on the variety of opinions found among sacramental theologians.

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