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Sacred and Great: A Brief Introduction to the Traditional Latin Mass

Sacred and Great: A Brief Introduction to the Traditional Latin Mass

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For Catholics used to the newer form of the Mass or Novus Ordo, experiencing the older form raises a lot of questions. Why has the priest got his back to me? Why is everything in Latin? Why is there so much chant, and so much silence? How am I supposed to participate in this liturgy? How might this seemingly strange, archaic ritual be spiritually fruitful for me? This booklet has been written to answer these and similar questions, briefly, clearly, and without polemic.

  • How Do I Participate in the Traditional Mass?
  • What Does It Mean? Ceremonies and Prayers
  • Where Did It Come From? The Organic Development of the Liturgy
  • What Is It For? The Place of the Traditional Mass in the Church

The booklet ends with a helpful guide to readings and resources.

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