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Selections from “The Little Flowers of St. Francis"

Selections from “The Little Flowers of St. Francis"

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Years ago in Austria, I found a small rare book, called on its cover Franz von Assisi, and on its title page Legenden vom Heiligen Franz. The pocket-sized book, only 106 pages, contains selections from The Little Flowers of Saint Francis, translated by Karl Toth and illustrated by Maximilian Liebenwein. It appeared as part of the Kleine Amalthea-Bücherei from the Amalthea Verlag, Zürich-Wien-Leipzig, in 1921. The illustrations are vigorous, clear, and dramatic, with the strong graphic design of their time period. Of particular note are the eight full-color plates, which were printed with gold, blue, and red, and then colored in with pencils. I have reprinted this book in two editions, a hardcover for $29.95 and a paperback for $14.95. This book makes an excellent gift. For more information, including many sample pages, see here.

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