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St Brigid "Numberless Angels" 11oz Ceramic Mug

St Brigid "Numberless Angels" 11oz Ceramic Mug

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"One day, when a priest was celebrating Mass, I saw, at the moment of Consecration, how all the powers of heaven were set in motion. I heard, at the same time, a heavenly music, most harmonious, most sweet. Numberless Angels came down, the chant of whom no human understanding could conceive, nor the tongue of man describe. They surrounded and looked upon the priest, bowing towards him in reverential awe. The devils commenced to tremble, and took to flight in greatest confusion and terror."—St. Bridget of Sweden

This mug features a stain glass window of the miraculous Mass of St Gregory, from a 15th-century stained glass window is in All Saints' North Street in York (photo courtesy Fr Lawrence Lew, OP).

- Ceramic 11oz mug
- Dishwasher and microwave safe
- Colored rim, inside, and handle


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