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The Mass: A Liturgical Commentary

The Mass: A Liturgical Commentary

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Canon Croegaert of Malines narrates how the traditional Roman liturgy developed over the centuries, grasps the deep logic of its development, and explains how its features are beneficial. He occasionally makes errors characteristic of his time period (e.g., thinking incorrectly that early Christians worshiped "versus populum"), but he is generally so entranced with the beauty of the liturgy as a whole and in all its parts that he is content to offer the history, make observations about elements that have fallen away or been modified, and point out ceremonial issues for the clergy.

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Vol. 1: The Mass of the Catechumens (x + 251 pp.  $17.95); 

Vol. 2: The Mass of the Faithful (x + 311 pp. $18.95).

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