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The Orthodox Eastern Church

The Orthodox Eastern Church

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Fr. Fortescue’s grasp of the disputes that divide East and West, his narration of events, and his identification of attitudes that block the reunion of the Churches have made The Orthodox Eastern Church, first published in 1907, a modern classic. At a time when internet apologists peddle rose-colored portraits of both Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy, Fortescue offers a more realistic account of their fraught relationship. This newly typeset edition does aesthetic justice to the quality of the content.

Praise for the New Edition
“Adrian Fortescue brought to the subject of this book a wealth of knowledge, waspish wit, and deep religious sensibility. The present-day reader will find here colourful vignettes of the churches of the Orthodox world before the massive changes of twentieth-century politics transformed them utterly. But they will also have the benefit of a broad historical panorama, an in-depth encounter with some theological dividing issues, and an account of the liturgical life which—typical of the man—waxes eloquent on such matters as music and vesture. Though there is fun here, there is also deadly seriousness. Fortescue knew the weaknesses, as well as the strengths, of the Latin church of his day. He saw the wisdom of Unionist endeavours, if also, alas, the improbability of their success.” —Fr. Aidan Nichols, author of 
Rome and the Eastern Churches

“At a time when the powers of this age are working within the visible Church to attack her foundations, some Catholics are reconsidering their belief in the truth-claims of the Catholic Church and inquiring into Orthodoxy. Of those who investigate Byzantine claims, how many have traveled far-distant lands, learned Oriental languages, and spent their entire lives studying the Eastern Churches? Fr. Fortescue did just these things, making his 
The Orthodox Eastern Church a welcome accompaniment for Catholics curiously gazing Eastwards.” —Erick Ybarra, author of The Papacy: Revisiting the Debate Between Catholics and Orthodox

“To those rightly dismayed by problems in the West and feeling the allurement of the East, Fr. Fortescue’s book provides a learned, joyful, and direct reminder both of inconvenient facts and of why we embrace the Catholic communion of our shared Fathers. Without prejudice to the liturgy, spirituality, and theological culture that is their legitimate boast, we urge our Orthodox brethren to return to the same.” —Joshua Charles, President of 
Eternal Christendom

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