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The Road from Hyperpapalism to Catholicism Set (Volumes 1 & 2)

The Road from Hyperpapalism to Catholicism Set (Volumes 1 & 2)

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Abuses of authority and misleading magisteria have given new urgency to old questions about the nature, purpose, and limits of the papal office. Without succumbing to Protestant or Orthodox antipapaplism, faithful Catholics are discarding a hyperpapalism that has distorted, even undermined, the tradition-centred and continuity-protecting Petrine ministry. In this two-volume work, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski situates the papacy within the Church as a preeminent part of a whole that gives it its meaning, responds to conservative and sedevacantist objections, and offers spiritual counsel and reasons for hope to those grieved by the current state of affairs. Volume 1, Theological Reflections on the Rock of the Church, provides an account of the papacy that honors human reason, harmonizes with divine faith, and safeguards sacred tradition. Volume 2, Chronological Responses to an Unfolding Pontificate, analyzes key aspects of the reign of Pope Francis, educing and corroborating the theological principles discussed in the first. 

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