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Three Essential Books on the Papacy

Three Essential Books on the Papacy

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There is a lot of confusion among Catholics today about the office, role, authority, and parameters (if any) of the Roman papacy. Quotations from Vatican I are bandied about as if they demonstrate the pope to be an oriental despotic monarch -- which is far removed from the actual teaching of Vatican I if examined attentively. Moreover, people are confused about Pope Francis, who emanates a stream of ambiguities and errors. They are also troubled by the evident politicization of the beatification and canonization processes and wonder how certain we can be of the results.

That is where these three fine books come into play. Dr. John Joy expertly explains the Church's teaching on papal infallibility, drawing heavily on Church councils and other magisterial texts, and writing with a calm Thomistic style that sheds light rather than heat. Dr. John Lamont and Dr. Claudio Pierantoni have edited a collection of the best public letters and signed statements made during the Francis pontificate, with a selection of articles written about them: a highly illuminating guide. Finally, Dr. Kwasniewski gathers together distinguished scholars from around the world to debate the question of the infallibility of canonizations, with both sides being given their due. 

Together, these three books are a powerhouse of clarity in a time of chaos.

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